The Rising Statistics In Favor Of Samsung With Its High Profitability

The first quarter of the year gave a major hit with the profit figures made by Android smartphone. The profit made by the company was about $5.3 billion in the initial quarter. Among all the other companies Samsung took the lions share. It was the major gainer in the bargain. A $5.1 million worth Android Samsung phones were shipped which included about 95% of the first quarter. The analytics have astonishing figures to the customers. The senior analyst Woody Oh gave a statement that Samsung’s main drivers are sleek products, supply chain and a crisp marketing.

After Samsung, LG was at the back of it with occupancy of about 2.5%, while the others companies occupy about 2.7% of profitability in the quarter. No other company is found to beat the 95% figures of Samsung. The small profit was delivered in the first quarter by LG but it is still lagging behind Samsung. There is a lot more to be to be done to match the volume scale of LG. Shifting the profit from Samsung, android company was also a gainer because about 43% of the profits of smartphone went to Android.

Statistics are in favor of Samsung and there is yet more to come in the record. The company is said to be the No 1 maker of cellular phones. This dignity of Samsung is enough to boost up the readers to purchase the phones. The grand entry of cash did the rest of the honors. The first quarter of the year was occupied by the Samsung in terms of the number of units sold by the company. It is said to have sold about 100 million of Samsung unites. The market is in the hands of Samsung because of its occupancy of 23.6 percent.

The bottom line in the pride of Samsung- It is one of the undisputed kings of the global market of android smartphones. A recognized entity of Strategy Analytics, the executive director of the company Neil Mawston gave a statement of that was quite unbelievable statement for the readers. It was once again in favoring of Samsung which said that the company generates more revenue than Google from Android. Android platform are currently for Samsung.

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