The Rising Popularity Of App Annie In The South East Asian Countries

South East Asia has discovered rapidly growing users of App Annie. What is this App Annie all about? It is used to track the metrics of your apps and it is has one of the best apps store for your data. It is important to carry out the business processes actively and take smart decision. The apps are becoming popular among 80 team members spread out all over Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, London and San Francisco.

The apps is said to serve with about 85% of the top 100 IOS. It serves for over 220,000 apps. The app is famous for the serving clients from the popular nations of the world namely United States of America, Japan, China and Europe. It has not yet started with South East Asia. However the team is far away from South East Asia because it has seen positive growth in the region. The vice president claimed that Google Play is fast growing in the South East Asia. It is mainly growing because of the increasing number of downloads.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines have maximum downloads as compared to that of iOS. Android are also considerably higher but the scales have not matched up to that of iOS. It is found to be higher in South East Asia. It has also been commented by Junde that things will turn up to be all the more exciting by Google Play. It will be exciting if Google play will be able to manage to establish the payment option locally as it is done by Google in Japan and South Korea. The inner story behind Jade’s interest in the south East Asia is because he was himself born in Singapore that belongs to the South Eastern Asian region.

He claims that he has to learn a lot more from the market even though he has worked in China for several years. Junde also corrected the myth of most of the people who claimed that Chinese are not paying customers. He also said that one primary reason of maximum revenue of iOS is also because of the maximum number of users in China.

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