The Real Multitasking Facebook Home Chat Heads

At last, the mobile users are going to experience a truly multitasking environment. Facebook Home enables users to chat continuously even when working on Google, Maps or any other apps. The Multi-tasking in the dictionary of iOS or Android means nothing more than a rapid switching between the two applications. But the Facebook Home promises to show what does truly multitasking mean in the language of mobiles.


The customers were made to believe that the multi- tasking thing is a concept too far for the small screens of their mobiles, but that could not satisfy the Facebook designers and as a result of their extensive researches they came up with the “read receipts” in their Messenger a year back, which was a totally new concept introduced and gladly accepted by the users. The purpose of technology is to assist people and building the technologies to model real life conversations was the main motto behind the development of the Chat Heads app.

Chat multitasking, the home screen replacement app from Facebook is the next step in the world of Messengers. It truly enables the user to read and send messages while working on another app without any need of closing the window to continue the chat. In this app, when there is a message for you, a bubble with the face of the person and a few words from the message pops up on the current window, and just a tap on the bubble opens an overlaid chat window at the top of your current application that does not cover up the present window.

Once you are done, you just need to tap back on the face again and the window retracts, without any loss of any data or any hang-ups. This application just eradicates the need of closing the current window and switching to the Facebook Messenger altogether in order to receive or send messages to a friend. You can seamlessly work while chatting with your friends. With Chat Heads, you are never again to feel a ping from your friend interruptive rather it will be just a complimentary and enjoyable addition with your work.

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