The Projected Life Span Of Xbox One: Expected To Be Ten Years After A Long Testing Process

Bob Brown, The hardware and accessories manager of Microsoft has a long foreseen goal. As said by him the motive behind developing such a controller is to let it last for 10 years. This was revealed by Bob in front of Pocket Lint. It can also be interpreted as the projected life span of Xbox One is 10 years. When Xbox One controller was tested, it was found that each button is being pressed 4-5 times per second and besides these even the thumb sticks were also pressed a multiple number of times.

The purpose behind these tests is to check whether the controller is able to withstand the action of button mashing in a vigorous manner. Besides this it was also done in order to check whether the controller is delivering results in a right manner. The results delivered should be regardless of the number of times the buttons are pressed. The tests did not end up here; it was dropped a multiple number of times in order to check the shock point of Xbox One. This is an important part of the test because it is likely that the users will be dropping the device quite often.

It should also be ensured that the inside points are not getting damaged by dropping or collision. Bob Brown said that the cintr0ler, Xbox one is finalized but the testing are not yet completed, it is still going on. Brown also claimed that Xbox One is capable of withstanding 3 million button presses and that is said to be above target. This extra-ordinary output of Xbox has given a space to the hardware manager to predict its sustainability for 10 years.

It has also been said that it is the result of the improved feedback that has opened the ways of such a fantastic project to come up. The controller, Xbox One was unveiled in Washington City during the last week. This unveiling process was done with a live stream process of the event. It was done in front of 8.45 million viewers. Xbox One guide will guide you with step of handling the console.

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