“The PlayStation 4 Is Like The PC Of Next Year Or Two Years”- Quantic Dream CEO

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, CEO of Quantic Dream, has a few things to say about the next-generation console, the PlayStation 4. After supposedly being inspired by the PlayStation 4 for it’s Beyond: Two Souls plans, Fondaumiere has the idea that “the PlayStation 4 is like the PC of next year or two years.”

He has apparently observed all the big differences between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and how the upcoming console has more advanced, as mentioned in an interview with GameSpot.

“We are already seeing in the first (PlayStation 4) tests that we’re doing a big difference,” said Fondaumiere. The company is quite popular for it’s efforts in producing realistic facial expressions, feelings and emotions in their projects, such as the recent act of a Jerry Seinfeld/Christopher Lee crossover by David Cage. But Fondaumiere still has his reservations, saying, “There were limitations on the PlayStation 3 and there will be limitations on the PlayStation 4. With the PlayStation 4, it’s something that really is more like the PC of next year or two years.”

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