The New 85 Inches Frame Design Of 4K TV By Samsung

The new eye catchy frame design 4K TV is yet to come up with a frame design of 85 inches. The eye- popping MSRP amounts to $39,999. It is expected that the next two version of the company’s TV will be a bit reasonable. The forthcoming two versions are 65 and 55 inches that is expected to be released in Korea. However, it is still expensive and it is followed by Sony’s lead to a price point of $10,000. It has been indicated in the press releases that the pre-orders are expected to start by 1st June.

The 55 inch model is priced at $5,670 which is 6.4 million won and 65-inches are available for $7,913 that is 8.9 million won. It includes that up scaling technology of Samsung. It is also featured to support the upgrade for evolution Kit. The pictures of the latest version are yet more revealing with a standardized frame design. Users are benefited with a free coupon if associated with pre-orders. It is an additional bonus by the company for the upgrade kit to be launched on 2014.

Additional bonus does not end up with a free coupon and additional benefit is a game app for a bike exercise. It was necessary for the manufacturers of HDTV to come up with a market leader like 4K TV. The 85 inches model is featured with a timeless gallery and claims to be a size that is 1 inches beyond its competition. The company even had a doubt in interpreting the old stance of the version in spite of its firsthand look. It has a display of precision black display for a high contrast ratio.

The integrated scalars in the TV will make it possible to view the 1080p videos at a high resolution. It is features with a 2.2 channel audio to provide a high quality sound. All the features of Samsung model that were launched in 2013 could have been counted with quad core processor. Samsung has promised the launch of 110 and 95 inches TV at the end of the year 2013. However the pricing and shipping date is not yet predicted by the company.

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