The Exciting Google Service For Android Users

The reports of android police revealed a different story and it was that, the details of the reports of the updates of Google play has a source of the leaked version of the play services. This is an app for android phones. The police report claimed that the features of app’s code referred to the leaderboards, achievements, in-game chat and match-making. The service will also make use of Google+ profile information. Even the social media platform will make use of the social networking platform to share the notifications.

Readers have an entertainment destination for apps like games that is stored in the application. This was launched in the year 2012. It was android police that had spread out the news for the advent of Google games. There was also a cloud game that will be saved in the system. The Google play service has drew the Android market together in the year 2012. This application is useful in storing music, movies, game apps, online books and access from multiple devices. It had a storage space of about 20,000 songs. Users had the privilege of making million type of downloads.

Androids and tablets have been sportingly used by Google. Moreover Google had even upgraded the Android market with its features. Google even prepared a spectacular launch for the application and that also with different album, video rental, book and Android app that also with a special feature. People of United States of America were lucky to support all the different types of media that was basically of four types. The android police also reported that the ones having a new play service should notice strange things in the sync settings.

The version of Google play services v3 1.36, was slowly found to be rolling in the devices of the current age. One of the massive updates of Goggle play service is that most of the people have v3.0.27. 3.1versions. The UK market was deprived of the music offerings. Google play has been considered to be an achievement in the incoming features of Google. The icon badges and lobbies were an additional features.

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