The End Of Six Yahoo Apps, In Order To Improve The Company

Yet again, six Yahoo apps have been cut off. But apparently it’s a necessary sacrifice, on behalf of the company’s effort to streamline. Upcoming, Deal, SMS Alerts, Yahoo Kids, Yahoo! Mail and Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps will come to an end soon, and Yahoo’s focusing on the more important apps that will actually benefit them, like the Weather and Mail apps it launched recently.

yahoo deals

Other and older versions of certain Yahoo apps, such as the Yahoo Mail Classic will shut down sometime in June. You can save your coupons before Deals shuts down, and as for SMS Alerts, you can opt for email alerts through Yahoo Messenger. Children under the age of 13, since Yahoo Kids is shutting down, can get a Yahoo ID through the Family Accounts feature. The feature phone (J2ME) versions of Messenger and Mail won’t be available, but the mobile web versions of the two services will still be there. Yahoo is making quite an effort to organize itself, as earlier this year the company had around eighty apps and services, but very few of them were actually popular among users.

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