The Chinese Firm ZTE Plans To Sell Smartphones In India – Starting With First Five

The maker of telecom equipment and mobile devices in China – ZTE, is planning to put step forward to create its presence in India. The Chinese firm has announced to sell smartphones directly to the Indian customers. ZTE has fixed up a deal with Pune based calyx telecommunication that will assist in distributing XTE devices and also manages the marketing and sales of the product. This will be carried out all across the country. Both the post sales services as well as its products will be managed by ZTE itself.

The Chinese firm will provide STE devices to the Indian players that are a part of the low budget. There are different plans by the firm; it will initially kick of the sales directly with its own range of budget. The sales will first begin with five smart phones ranging between prices Rs.5,799 ($105) to Rs.14,999 ($270). The major cities will be having smartphones by the month of October. Further plans for the company also say that the company will come up with tablet PCs.

International firms do have to face with plenty of distribution challenges in a vast country like India. In the preliminary phase, the Chinese firm ZTE is focusing only on 60 states in the country like Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Company is planning to have a sales push of 1 million smart phones in the first year. It has been predicted by the Chinese firm that India will hold the third place in the sale of smartphones. Smart phones have a wide space in the world and India is expected to rank third in it.

The smart phone sale in the country is expected to account to about 10% sales in the global revenue. Cyber media research has estimated that about 15 million smartphones have been shipped to India in the year 2012. The feature of the phone remained to be dominant and it accounted to about 206.4 million in the subcontinent. Researches confirm that smartphone have a good space in in India and it has grew to about 75% year after year since during the second half of the previous year.

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