The Character Of Ellie Could Not Impress Ellen Page – In The Last Of Us

Ellen Page is not happy with the character of Ellie in The Last Of Us. She was told that the character resembled the Canadian Actor. Page was put out when asked about Reddit AMA related to its similarities. She said that she is expected to be flattered that her likeliness has been ripped off by them. However the case is totally different and she is acting in the video game known as Beyond Two Sould and so this wasn’t appreciated that much.

Neil Druckmann, the creative director of Naughty Dog commented on Twitter. He said the character Ellie has been perfectly played. It was the voice actor who has made the role a hit- Ashley Johnson. He also added that no one other than Ashley could have performed it in a better way. Most of the commentators have noted that the latest version of Ellie was actually shown when the Last of US was launched. The name was another a similarity to Ellen Page. However it was toned down significantly later on.

The Beyond Two Souls had been revealed at the same time as the overhaul character became a common knowledge. It was a coincidence that it has been Naughty Dog and it was because of the motivation of many concerned stories. It has been said by a few players that they have seen a resemblance of it. Contrary to it, it was not noticed by others. It happened at the time of post reworking. Finally – “The Last of Us” has released and is also available. Apart from it, Beyond: Two Souls is expected to release on October.

Both the games are meant for PlayStation 3. It was said in the year 2012 that the maker of PlayStation (Sony) will be launching Beyond which will be the next title for Quantic Dream. It has been revealed in ads of Ellen that are page-shaped. It’s time to celebrate the Juno based goddess through Creepy. It will be enjoyed by watching creepy but has its incredible footage. The footage was seen here and screened here. It was caught up in the Press conference of Sony was held up in 4th June in 2012.

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