TeePublic – A New T-Shirt Selling Start-Up

Josh Abramson, the co-founder of jokey T-Shirt retailer BustedTees, has launched a kickstarter website for T-Shirts. Users can go on the website, pledge to buy designs they like, and if the design gets 30 or more sign ups, TeePublic will print it and continue selling the T-Shirt. The T-Shirts will cost $20, out of which $5 will be pocketed by the designer.

This concept isn’t new though, with Threadless, an e-commerce website, allows people to submit their designs and then the staff of the site vote for the design. The design which gets the maximum number of votes get printed.


But the difference between Threadless and TeePublic is that all the designs on the website will be chosen by the public and no one from the staff, as this will help the artists and designers reach a wider audience.
Since it’s launch, TeePublic has seen 50,000 hits already and more than 2000 users, who have performed about 1000 funding or purchasing actions. More than 480 designs have been uploaded and 22 have been funded so far, with designers sharing their designs on Twitter and Facebook once they upload their work to publicize their shirts.

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