Technology Can Control Your Brats

Who would have thought that technology and games could be put to such great use. Parents who are unable to say no to their kids, are one of the major factors that lead to kids turning into brats. Kids who watch too much TV, eventually turn out to be very demanding. Their demands range from latest pair of jeans, to designer clothes to the latest phones, tablets. Most of these demands are not out of necessity but out of peer pressure. People all over the world are trying to use technology to find an answer to this ever growing problem.

The big question is – can technology control your kid? Latest apps have been developed to bring the lives of 21st century kids on the right track. Apps would make them realise the importance of money, make them work hard for it and stop them from unnecessarily spending it. The love kids have for technology these days cannot be expressed in words, hence developing apps is best solution to modify their approach to life, and keep the brat in them under control.


There are apps which makes kids to their chores well on time. These apps include Chore Monster, Chore Pad amongst several others. The app uses a monster themed world. As one complete their chores they win points, which are then spent at the Monster Carnival. The more chores you do, makes you earn more points, thereby making the carnival fun.
Then there are apps to improve your kid’s behaviour. iRewards and Beep and Boop are two such apps. These apps work to reinforce good behaviour in kids. More points are rewarded or a good beep sound is an indication of good behavior. Apart from positive behavior, money management is another habit that these apps will try to inculcate in the kids. The basic principle behind these apps is to twist the kids brain in the direction that would make him take decisions in the right direction, keeping the long term impact in mind.

A sincere advice to all the parents to invest in these apps and groom their kids into good human beings of tomorrow.

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