Teaser of Shadow Of The Eternals, Sequel Of Eternal Darkness Is Out Online

The first details of the Shadow of the Eternals, the successor of the Eternal Darkness from the house of the developer Precursor Games are out online. This announcement came later in the day when some inaccurate details about the game and the crowd-funding campaign from the developer were already making rounds in the internet.

As reported to IGN, Shadow of the Eternals will have 12 episodes. The first version of the game will run on Wii U and PC, and the version for the other ones are on the way. To enlighten on the topic of fundraising the company informed that the campaign will start from the 6th of May, Monday and apart from raising the targeted $1,500,000 fund it will also include an array of stretched goals. According to the developer, the primary target of the campaign is to raise 1.5 million dollar, and any amount above that will be used to stretch their goals. The extra money will be used for funding episodes beyond the first ones. The developer came up with the simple concept, the more they receive the more they can deliver to the people.

The game will take the players on a journey across the time which will include historical facts intercepted with fiction. The created storyline and the background are sure to charm the players and keep them glued for hours. To get into the plot of the game, Detective Paul Becker, the star of the game, is called to investigate into a gang annihilation regarded as the bloodiest in the Louisiana state history. There are only two survivals from the atrocious fight between the two opponent cults. In this backdrop Becker will start his interrogations of the suspects. Through combined recollection of the two, the truth about the Eternals will be unveiled.

The game will feature an array of heroes and villains, and will span over 2500 years running through Egypt, Hungary, England and USA. To progress through the adventure the players will have to balance between the mechanisms of combating, sanity events, and magic. In every step they will question the perception of reality.

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