Team Fortress To Be Released In Virtual Reality technology

To all the Team Fortress fans the latest buzz is that the Oculus Rift virtual headset will witness Team Fortress 2, Valve’s popular shoot ‘em up game as their first official game.

As per the programmer of the game Joe Ludwig- Team Fortress 2 will appear in the virtual reality mode in the coming few days. He has also gone public and confirmed that Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead have also been tested with the virtual reality technology.

14763_Oculus Rift

According to the latest developments the game is just heading out for the PC. Mac and Linux users will have to wait for some time before the Team Fortress 2 would be available to these respective Operating Systems.

At the annual Game Developers Conference next week, programmer Joe Ludwig will be officially present to give a talk on “What we learned programming Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality.”

This move to virtual reality technology is a move to brighter future in that aspect of gaming. The conference will definitely prove fruitful and provide us with the latest information on that front.

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