T-Mobile Second Quarter Results Flow In, Adds Most Number Of Customers

T-Mobile second quarter results came in first time as an independent company by CEO John Legere and Company has shown subscriber growth for the first time in last two years by adding net 1.1 million customers (685,000 as post paid phone customers). The company has shown highest rate of growth among all national carriers in this period by adding another 8.9 million customers from MetroPCS acquisition, with a total of 44 million customers.

Looking on last year statistics, it lost a net 557,000 post-paid customers. While it all may look like a Good News but T-Mobile scored loss of $16 million, ( YoY profit of $207 million) with revenue growth of 27.5 percent to $6.23 billion.

T-Mobile’s adjusted earnings moved down by 16 percent to $1.1 billion YoY mainly because of promotional expenses, higher customer growth, handset sales with addition of iPhone on the list and higher upgrade volumes. T-Mobile has expanded a lot in terms of LTE coverage but is still behind giants like AT&T.

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