Students In US Schools To Get iPad – REVOLUTION IN EDUCATION

iPads will now be used in schools in the United States Of America. The Los Angeles Board of Education approved the purchase of $30 million worth of iPads as the first part of a multi-year commitment.

It found that the iPad was the most effective option that met its specifications of providing the students a world class education .
As the students will set their hands on their new ‘textbooks’ which will come preloaded with iWork, iLife, iTunes and many more which servers the purpose of learning.

According to LOS ANGELES TIMES the school administration is paying about $678 for each iPad. However in argument, A Microsoft spokesperson commented on the issue of using tablets in schools, in a statement to Mashable on Wednesday: “a school should introduce a device which helps to prepare the students for work rather than gaming and watching videos.”

Jaime Aquino a senior in the Los Angeles unified school district said that it wants to provide its students with the great new education device and thereby aims to have one device for each student by 2014.

Other companies are also not behind in race. Many like ‘AMPLIFY’ launched a 10 inch tablet for its students which work on normal Android system.

Company like ‘SAMSUNG’ comes up with an all new idea of ‘SAMSUNG SCHOOL’ which introduces Android-based Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, which have been provided in many city schools.

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