Star Wars Spin-Off Could Just Be A Huge Hit

The new trilogy of Star Wars movies begins with the Episode 7 in 2015 and that isn’t the only plan which the Walt Disney has for the scientific fiction franchie which was acquired late last year. This was done in a deal of $4.3 billion deal. The planned of spin-off movies is developed by the writers- Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan. The information we don’t know is regarding the stories which would be told. One doesn’t know whether it would remain within the same universe. However, the CEO of Walt Disney Co. provides an interesting hint to all of us. The CEO of Walt Disney Co. is Jay Rasulo.

One of the projects which Kasadan and Kinberg are working on currently are the “origin story”. The new Star Wars movies would be coming out every year, starting from 2015, with the trilogy films going side by side with other side stories. There is a high chance that Rasulo didn’t particularly refer to ‘origin stories’, using that phrase to simply differentiate the films from those in the trilogies. But, it is interesting that people who are at his level are using that kind of language.

The interesting news that Disney is developing the latest Star Wars origin stories. Since Walt Disney always focus on one character, all of us are curious which character they would focus on in the current Star Wars movie. There is a very high possibility it could center on a young Han Solo. There aren’t many details available as of now. Rumours about both Boba Fett and Yoda have been present in the past but none of the stories have been confirmed or denied.

History has suggested that ‘Star Wars’ and ‘prequel’ simply don’t get along. An endless number of possible stories could be told in the universe. A prequel only limits that ability greatly.

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