‘Star Wars Rebels’ Has A New Villain- ‘The Inquisitor’

Star Wars fans are ready to welcome the new animated series, ‘Star Wars Rebels’. Information has been leaked from Dave Filoni, the creator of the series. He announced the big villain in the series as ‘The Inquisitor’. He spoke via a video this weekend at the New York Comic-Con.

Darth Vader’s dark partner would be ‘The Inquisitor’. He is the person who destroys any remaining Jedi. The plot of the film is thus :

The Heroes are younger characters and are on a run from the empire, in which the Star Destroys keeps multiplying.” Rebels are different from ‘The Clone Wars’ in more ways than one. They stick with one story and one main group of characters. The idea was to know new characters and the reason for their fight. Each episode is a brand new story, although fitting into the larger picture of ‘Star Wars’. This is more like the original trilogy, wherein Han, Luke and Leia were shown as an important political and personal person”, Filoni said.

Some of the fans still don’t want the ‘Clone Wars’ to end. Filoni understands their feelings. “There exists several portions of Clone Wars, the fans are yet to watch. I have made it in such a way that the die-hard fans of the original one would enjoy it to the fullest. Star Wars Rebels would have its own series and own characters. It would be distinctive with its relationships between the characters”, Filoni added.

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