Spotify Sharing Like Facebook Messaging

Sharing Songs has been made more feasible just like Facebook messaging by Spotify. Spotify which is very common among teen’s is reportedly about to release a few new features to its web and mobile interfaces to make user to get their favourite songs at a faster rate.

By Threading the music sharing feature that would look like a long conversation on other platforms Spotify will claim this to be its coolest feature. It will be seen working similar to facebook messaging and would replace the old inbox messaging feature on Spotify. Spotify will socialize your music choices and also make you learn about the music from your friends. A user would be able to review an entire conversation with his or her friend even if he or she has not shared a song with each other in a while.


In addition to the new messaging features, Spotify will be rolling out a web-based version of new playlist features as reportefby Gizmodo last week. It is basically the Tunigo content that is ported into Spotify give enhance Spotify with such features. It also helps one playlists based on the users choice of songs he or she would listen into it.

Spotify has successfully improved the Tunigos’s algorithms to help a user find songs based on his mood.After taking over Tunigo back in May it has worked upon these editorial musicologists to surface many thousands of user created playlists. If you go for a run then you can search for the playlists with all songs that would make you enjoy your run.

The Spotify team is pretty confident about its response as these new features will be launched onto android and iOS through an update.According to Spotify, last week Gizmodo reported that “Users will have to wait just for mere weeks and not months to enjoy these features”.

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