Spokesperson Says – Nintendo Is Expected To Boost Up Consoles That Will Stand Up In The Market

Ubisoft spokesperson said in a statement provided to GameIndustry International said that Nintendo is expected to take steps in order to boost up the consoles that are standing up in the market. It takes time of a new console to grow up with an established base. The statement has been given by the spokesperson. Ubisoft has a varied line up for Wii U and is of a high quality. It has big titles that are being awaiting and some of these are Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag ,Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

The spokesperson said that they are confident that that this will continue to attract more and more gamers from the entire world to the Wii U system. Besides this Nintendo will also take useful steps so as to ensure that Wii U successful in the global market. EA is supposed to have no titles in its development process for Wii U. This has been said in the support followed news by Ubisoft. This includes the flagship support titles Madden and FIFA fort its annual sports.

Wii U no show for EA was seized by the software engineer of EA. It was said by the software engineer that Wii U is crap. The name of the engineer is Summerwill who is a senior software engineer and an architect of Electronic Arts. This statement has been given by the engineer on Twitter. Summerwill said that Wii U is less powerful than XBOX360. In addition to that it also had a weird tablet, a poor online store. Keeping this criticism aside Nintendo is expected to announce Wii U titles later in the year 2013 that will comprise of a high profile. One such title is a 3D Mario game.

The internal discussions have also helped to restore the faith of the retailers. The console has been hit by errors ever since it has been launched. This was a relief to the console itself. The firm is currently focusing on 3Ds that is coupled up with a hushed PR and has a promotional; campaign for Wii U in the first half of the year 2013. This has left the retails put-up questions on the commitment of Nintendo.

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