Spike Announces Hosting Line-Up For VGX Awards

Spike has publicly revealed the hosting line-up for Saturday’s VGX awards show, in which Geoff Keighley is going to be joined by The Soup and Community star Joel McHale.

As if it hasn’t been troublesome enough to take this awards program seriously.

From company sponsored classes, to the trailer-to-award-presentation ratio, to the insipid “Binge Responsibly” tagline, it looks exhausting to imagine the producers capable of making a more vapid method of honouring games.

But bringing on a bunch whose career is virtually designed on of a foundation of sarcasm? That is the cherry. It’s as if they’re begging individuals to utterly disregard any simulation toward recognizing excellence in recreation, maybe as a part of an overall strategy to eventually just have the show become a solid block of advertisements.

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