Spending To Be Kept Low During Next – Gen Transition, Says Electronic Arts Head

Electronic Arts Labels executive, Frank Gibeau has confirmed that there will be no spike in the expenditure of the company, during the next-gen transition. This has never happened before and is due to the Frostbite 3 engine already being ready.

EA announced its quarterly financial earnings figures,  clearly indicating that it’s digital income has overtaken it’s packaged business.

Gibeau told the media, “We are reiterating that we intend to exit this year with spending flat, year-over-year. During a console transition year, that has never happened. I think in the last transition, our R&D went up 30 per cent. The fact that we’re cranking these kinds of games on flat spending is astonishing.

We have learned our lesson in light of the previous generation transition, during which we were still developing the RenderWare engine. EA’s R&D went up 30 per cent during the last transition as a result. For this generation, both Frostbite and Ignite will power EA’s games and are already complete.

We blew the last transition because we relied on RenderWare. It set us back for multiple years. I was not going to repeat that mistake.

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