South Koreans Still On Internet Explorer All Because Of Security Law

South Korea is considered among the countries which are known for their best work in the field of electronics. And still South Koreans are using Internet Explorer because of 14-year-old law, The Washington Post reported earlier this week.

This law was passed in 1999, stating that the citizens are required to use IE exclusively for shopping and banking. The government created “digital certificates” for citizens with their personal information shared with stores using ActiveX — a plugin created by Microsoft.

Koreans generally use other browsers for liberal net surfing but when they go to an eCommerce website, a message pops on the screen that they need to switch IE. There is also a big problem for the apple users, as IE is not available for them.

“We are behind the times, clinging to the old method,” said Rep. Lee Jong-gul of the main opposition Democratic Party, according to Business Korea. Internet Explorer currently holds nearly 60% market share, which are known for their past bugs and crashes, however Microsoft claims that recently launched IE-11, is a big improvement and runs 30% faster than other browsers.

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