SoundCloud Google Plus Sign-In Option Added To iOS And Android Apps

SoundCloud Google Plus sign-in option has been added to its iOS and Android apps in addition to the existing option of Facebook and email.

This comes after Google had announced Google+ sign-in option for apps in February, to rival Facebook Connect. It launched its sign-in service with 10 partners including Banjo, Fancy, Shazam, Open Table and Fitbit.


The update for SoundCloud’s Android app was released last week, whereas the iOS update was made available from today. The iOS app update also allows sharing audio within your Circles on Google’s social network.

SoundCloud had released another update back in March for its mobile apps. The feature, known as Sets, allows users to build collections of sounds into a single audio clip, which could be shared and reposted by other users.

Another small update in the iOS version allows the user to turn on the streaming option, after the Airplay icon within the audio player was restored.

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