Soul Sacrifice Has Tough And Painful Decisions To Evoke Emotional Responses From The Player

The game Soul Sacrifice should be avoided by over-emotional people, because apparently it has “excruciating” decisions, which are there in the game for a purpose, which is to “evoke an emotional response from the player,” says Keiji Inafune. He said that these kind of decisions are a part of the current era of development.

“Those types of choices heavily involve emotional aspects and the decision making process isn’t automatic,” he said in an interview with the PS Blog. “In the old days, the decision making process for players was a reflex: stepping right or left in order to avoid a bullet. That doesn’t involve your emotions. But let’s say you have two choices and either decision will cause a different character to die.


“Then you would have to question yourself and also consider the consequences you will live with. This has a stronger tie to your emotions.”

“I’ve been in the game industry for a long time and gaming in general seems to be headed towards emotion. I think we’re in the era of incorporating feelings and emotions in video games and it’s about how to design these. Soul Sacrifice, for example, asks you who to sacrifice be it yourself or your friends. You could make a decision not to sacrifice anything and let it be, too.

“You can’t make these decisions without being emotionally involved. I think future games need to incorporate emotional elements.”

The DLC of Soul Sacrifice is set for release on May 28, June 11 and June25.

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