Sony Sees A Publisher In Every Individual Developer

‘Idea’ which is unique in itself ,can come from any small or big association. Sony boss very firmly believes that it sees every developer, be they tiny indie developers or mega-publishers like Activision, EA and Ubisoft with the same eyes.

Every developer is equal for them.

Simonetta said Sony is enacting an open door policy at its European offices, with all indies welcome to come to London for a chat about their games. They believe by doing so they give every company working on PlayStation the liberty to interact with them at any time. As this will enhance the overall working experience and thereby they can be able to execute their work more efficiently.

He also promised that self-published indies will be offered promotional opportunities on the PlayStation blog and social media channels – dependent on the quality of the game submitted.

Giving more information on the topic Simonetta revealed that over 500 games have been self-published on the PlayStation Network, from over 160 companies.

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