Sony Launches First To Greatness

Greatness awaits, close to what PlayStation 4 ads keep telling us. However apparently Greatness has had enough waiting, and it is time to ascertain who will catch it first. Sony has posed 64 challenges to the PS4 community, asking them to capture and upload proof using the system’s Share feature, the PlayStation blog has unconcealed. People who complete the challenges will have their name posted to the first to Greatness website, that Sony teases will provide a “cool new experience” once all 64 tasks are completed. The PlayStation blog conjointly claims that a remake of the PS4’s “Perfect Day” ad is on its way, and this one will feature “many” of the uploaded firsts. If you would like any directions on the way to pursue Greatness – not that you just would, we’re putting it out there simply just in case – the notation blog and first to Greatness website have further details.

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