Sony Announces PS Headset

Get ready to marry the VR with PlayStation. Didn’t get it? Well, Sony has formally announced PlayStation Virtual Reality, the PS headset. The project for the VR has been named as “Project Morpheus.” The long-rumoured receiver that is a part of the trend sweeping Steam is also reported to be in development at Microsoft.

“The next innovation from PlayStation that may well form the future of games,” said President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios. “Nothing elevates the amount of immersion higher than VR.”

He continued, “VR has been a dream of many game creators ever since the computer game was invented. Several folks at PlayStation have dreamed about VR and what it may mean for the games we produce.”

The receiver is meant for PlayStation 4 and is going to feature seamless integration with PS Camera, DualShock 4 and PS Move. Crytek, Epic Games and Unity are partners in this project.

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