Software For Video Calling To Feature Eye Contact

These days all the app stores and markets are flooded with video calling applications. People using such apps are going to be very happy because these apps will soon be featuring a new feature to make conversations with remote friends and colleagues in a simpler way. These apps will have a feature that would establish an eye contact with the user.

This feature will make the app more flexible. When a person makes a video call, one’s eyes tend to focus on the person one is talking to. Sadly, their location on a computer screen is normally lower than where the webcam is located. As a result of which, it always looks as if the person in the conversation is looking down on and not at each other. The Computer Graphics Laboratory at ETH Zurich is looking to correct this issue by making use of a piece of software that can recognize and rotate faces of people in video calls that would make it appear as though they’re looking into the camera. Results of this procedure seem to be amazing.

Software could ultimately be used with consumer webcams for the same effect, which is presently available right now for bigger companies in software’s current form; webcams have to be operational with depth sensors in order for it to work.

Devices currently on the market don’t have webcams with depth sensors and in part because of the high cost. Ultimately, the technology is hoped to be adapted by the team, so as to use it with standard webcams.

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