Snapchat’s Reply To Estimated 4.6 M Snapchat Accounts Hack

Earlier, the hackers have updated information about hacking 4.6 million Snapchat accounts, and the company finally admitted that it does have some problems, however the company have not made any apologies.

Snapchat have replied that “it could probably happen” to the hackers who have claimed that they updated the Snapchat’s API and two security exploits that could allow hackers to scrape phone numbers and personal data from the application. However, the database of Snapchat was updated indicating cell numbers with the last two digits blocked out to minimize the chance of spams.

Snapchat is not looking too serious about this hacking, and the company said that it will be releasing an updated version of the application on wednesday that will facilitate the users with “find friends” option. This application has gained it’s popularity since it first hit the iOS App Store in September 2011.