Snapchat Managed To Get Emily White Away From Facebook

Snapchat’s growth has not only astounded the general public, bit has also impressed Emily White. She was the executive who was in charge of Facebook’s Instagram advertising. She is leaving the company to become the COO of Snapchat.

“It happened too fast. To have a real COO role in one of many companies which is not doing any favour to the communications sector is not something I like. I always wanted a product to be made with creativity and I believe Evan Spiegel (CEO and co-founder of Snapchat) has been looking for someone who would help him grow and improve the mobile experience by leaps and bounds.

White was employed at Instagram in April. Previously, she worked at Facebook’s mobile partnerships and was also working at Google before that.

This is indeed a huge blow to Facebook. Instagram recently started its ad program. The first ad was a huge success which released on November 1.

As COO of Snapchat, White would have a flexible and a broader role. Her immediate task would be to figure out a revenue stream which deletes content, created by the users after a particular time interval. Reliable sources believe that Snapchat is keen on selling virtual goods as well. White’s new job would have to do with that as well.

White’s recent addition to the Snapchat family looks like a shrewd move which would benefit both the company as well as do a world of good to White’s career.
Snapchat seems determined to do so. It reportedly rejected an all-cash $3 billion takeover offer from Facebook.

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