Snapchat Added One More Feature To Its App ‘Replay’

A leading app company Snapchat has recently added one more feature to its iOS and Android, but could only be found searchig deep into it within the app’s Settings menu.

The snapchat user must go through all the recent updates, one of them is “Replay” feature through which you can easily re-view one of your previously viewed Snapchats a second time, in-short need not to your Snapchat screenshotting app ready to go the first time.

The interesting feature ‘Replay’ has further more things to be known like it doesn’t appear as if you can close the app down and reopen it to view a previously viewed Snapchat. And it doesn’t clerifies the party that sent you the original Snapchat that you’ve elected to view it a second time, that may be Helpful to someone looking for it.

If these features sound neat, then you’re going to need to do a bit of digging to enable them. Hit up Snapchat’s Settings menu and, from there, select “Manage” under “Additional Services.” Thanks for burying the lede, Snapchat.

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