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Amongst the several reports about the Samsung Galaxy S4, the one that got everybody excited was the advanced features involving the eyes. On Thursday, the Korean firm announced Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. Samsung has promised that these apps will take reading and video watching experience to a different level altogether. The S4 makers had claimed that the world would not have witnessed something like this before.

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Smart Scroll is an interesting feature that allows the user to scroll emails or webpages without touching the screen. If rumours were to be believed this app would use high-tech eye-sensitive features such as eye tracking. But instead it works on facial recognition and face tilt. By sensing the direction in which your face is looking at the screen or by detecting the movement of the wrists the web page will scroll up or down accordingly. When the user is about to reach the bottom, more texts or bigger paragraphs start to appear.
Smart Pause is another interesting feature which also works on the principle of facial recognition. For instance while watching a video, if the user turns his head away from the screen, the video automatically pauses. Once the face is tilted back to the screen, the video resumes. Smart Pause can be turned on or off based upon the user’s preferences.

Although these features don’t come as a huge surprise because back in February the company had filed for a “Samsung Eye Scroll” trademark as well as a patent for “Eye Pause”. What will be interesting is to see how responsive those features are.

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