Skating Game OlliOlli Coming To Various Platforms

Indie skater OlliOlli will move up from Vita exclusivity and perform tricks on PC, as per a post for the EGX Rezzed convention. Developer Roll7’s official Twitter also answered a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, confirming that Mac and Linux are going to be among OlliOlli’s new skating grounds.

The EGX post states also states that along with the PC version of OlliOlli, Roll7 will debut a new, yet-to-be declared game at the convention.
OlliOlli launched as a Vita exclusive on January 21 and was funded, but not published, by Sony. Before its launch, John Ribbins had told a leading website that there was “something quite nice about being an exclusive.” Well, it’s a bit surprising to hear of porting plans a little over a month after the game’s Vita debut.

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