SK Planet Of South Korea Has Set Aside A Sum Of $1 Billion To Invest On Tech Firms For The Next 5 Years

In forthcoming years, we will be seeing SK PLANET, the rapidly growing tech company in Asia to invest and build tech firms in US. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

SK PLANET’s CEO, Jinwoo reported that a team of 40 members (includes ex-Google and Apple employees) are producing a new video to visualize that its will be setting up its new hub at San Francisco.

Frankly, a new messaging app by SK PLANET is expected to release this summer. And it also included the reason for not making a mark in US that it had not modified its products enough for US consumers.

“Develops new growth opportunities for SK Telecom” is the saying that currently in its office at Silicon Valley. However, Hello, a mobile virtual network operator joint venture with an American ISP, Earthlink, was sold to rival Virgin Mobile USA in 2008, which retired the Helio brand.

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