Sina Weibo Crosses 50 Million Active Users Per Day

A Twitter like service in China crosses a 50 million mark of the no. of active users per day. Sina Weibo is a Twitter-like micro blogging platform which claims to rocketed up by 8.3 % based on the records in March to 54 million daily users in June this year. TechWeb reports that these figures were obtained from their financial figures released in Q2 2013 earnings today.

The US based Twitter which is officially blocked in China hit 50 million mark back in 2011 and passed 200 million active users in December 2012 on monthly basis in comparision to Sina Weibo. The figures pertaining to Sina Weibo seem to be really impressive as it is present only in the Mainland China and certain Chinese speakin parts of the world.

In December 2012 Sina Weibo claims to have reached 503 million registered users. Due to a tough competition faced from Tencent’s WeChat messaging app, Sina claims that it believes time spent on Weibo is down. It affects the user growth as it indeed slowed down.

The Chinese Service claims to have boosted their no. of daily active users in a span of one year as they had 46.2 milliom users in December last year. Although it seems that no. of users are up by 82 % year on year the firm says that it is a tough task to get the pace of growth up to that level again.

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