Sin City Could Become A TV Series

Robert Rodriguez films have been telecasted on the small screen very often. The El Mariachi series is underway and Rodriguez is getting ready for the show based on From Dusk Till Dawn. If the Weinstein Company is to be believed, a series set in the Sin City Universe could be next.

The New York Times report offers very few details. However, it includes key information that Bob Weinstein is planning to develop a Sin City show with Rodriguez and co-director/City mastermind Frank Miller also a part of it.

As o f now, the writers and the directors are concentrating on Sin Ciry: A Dame to Kill For, which is a follow-up of the 2005 movie with a different set of stories. They are set in Miller’s metropolis. It features Josh Brolin’s younger counterpart of Dwight, who is in a knot with a female ( Eva Green). The cast and the crew are enjoying as much as possible making a show like this, and we can safely expect a similar atmosphere of the denizens of the dark streets.

It is expected to hit the screens on August 29, 2014. The show is maintaining its stylized CG-enhanced look. The technical groundwork has been laid a long while back. However, there is still scope for a limited series based on other tales from Miller’s life.

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