Simon Crane To Direct Hot Wheels

There is always a thought in the minds of people whether directors pick projects based on toylines, just so that they can get their hands on fun things to play with. But, with Simon Crane, the legendary stunt coordinator, we get a feeling that he chased Hot Wheels because it would give him ample opportunities to live his boyhood dream.

The Hot Wheels project has found it difficult to make it to the screens, with many studios, writers and directors trying a lot to make it work, but didn’t pursue it long enough.

Currently, ‘Legendary’ has the rights for the project with Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man writers) having a crack at the script and getting a polish from Paul Attansio. The cars could finally be on our way. Regarding the plot, this seems to be a washed-up, dangerous military device up against a person who has fought his father in the past.

Crane won the job over Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and would get to work on the film. He has also be an attached to Echelon, an action movie. The movie interested Jason Statham, but has fallen out of it recently.

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