SimCity Loading Fail

SimCity is a city building and planning simulation game designed by Maxis, a part of Electronic Arts. It is a modification or relaunch of the previous SimCity series with more features and 3D effect. It was released on 5th March 2013 in US and then on 7th march in Europe and on 8th in UK.

It has currently only been released for Windows but will be available for OS X shortly.

The game however, on the first day itself was a huge fail as it simply failed to load. The game is updated with latest 3D effects and multiple graphic stimulators but the SimCity loading fail took place because of Electronic Arts’ servers. The game needs to be connected to the EA SimCity servers to load via internet. And the servers were unable to handle the load and they had to shut down the servers for an upgrade. This feature in the New SimCity that enables everyone to be connected with the EA SimCity servers whether they wish too or not has gathered negative points for the game. EA had declared that it will install additional servers within next two days. Additionally EA is working upon factors that lead to this failure.

From a blog post late last year, Maxis SVP Lucy Bradshaw defending the always-on connection said:

“Running the regional simulation on our servers is something we also use to support features that will make this SimCity even more fun. We use the Sim data to update worldwide leaderboards, where you get to see your city or mayoral standings as compared to the other cities in your region and between all of the regions in the world. And since SimCity is a live service, we’re also using the data to create weekly global and local challenges for our players that keep the gameplay fresh and surprising.”

Although, the game has shown some issues in loading the game, it’s 12 million copies are already sold but it has seen a decline in its sale. Amazon reviewers and customers have reported negative feedback and thus Amazon has temporarily stopped the sales of the game, SimCity. Everybody is eagerly waiting for this issue to be resolved quickly and experience the new version of the SimCity.

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