Shenmue 3 Trademark Fake, Confirms SEGA

Are you a lover or a die-hard fan of the Shenmue series that would love to play a brand new instalment within the series? Well, run to your area, dig out your Dreamcast (or Xbox) and replay the prevailing instalments at an offensive volume, because Sega has stopped by to deliver the news that nobody desires to listen to. A recent trademark listing for a “Shenmue 3” was faux and not in any respect attached with Sega, the publisher told a gaming website. The person representing the corporate declared that Sega is “looking into the origins of this application,” but in the mean time, the listing filed with the office of Harmonization for the inner Market has already disappeared. As if folks on the internet relish the dismay of others, rumours of HD ports of the first two Shenmue games for XBLA and PSN popped up last year as well.

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