“ Shantaram ”, Starring Johnny Depp Finally Gets A Director

A project which was considered “dead” for quite a long time was revived earlier last month. “ Shantaram ” would begin its production soon. Joel Edgerton would be starring along with Johnny Depp. He was previously touted to star in the movie, but has not climbed back as a producer. If that doesn’t get you excited, Warner Bros. Project has found a director.

Gareth Davis, a newcomer would take over, with Eric Roth, of “Forest Gump” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” fame. It is the adaptation of the best-selling novel by Gregory David Roberts. The films would narrate the true story of an Australian drug addict robber, who escapes from a prison having very strong security. He takes on different identities to evade the cops from different countries. He finally reinvents himself as a doctor in the slum areas of Mumbai. He uses his “gun-running and counterfeiting skills to battle against the Russian troops in Afghanistan.

Gareth Davis co-directed five episodes of this year’s critically acclaimed series, “Top of the Lake”, with Jane Campion. While Davis isn’t known for many films at this stage of his career, he has co-helmed the 8-time Emmy nominated series with directors like Campion. With an up-coming Aussie director on the board to complement the Aussie actor, the project could officially start off by next year.

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