Secure Email Service: Silent Circle To Shut Down

An Email provider which guaranteed end-to-end secure email is about to shut down. Silent Circle is seemed to be going the same way as Edward Snowden’s beloved Lavabit. It is closing down due to external pressures.

Reportedly , Silent Circle’s CTO Jon Callas claims that the reason behind the move is (coughing) outside pressures that made Lavabit shut down. He said that the problem lies in the insecure nature of email protocol but in reality that boils down to avoid trouble from authorities. Although Silent Circle claims that it has not received any warrants, Subpoenas, security letters or anything else.

When speaking to TechCrunch, The CEO Michel Janke has boldly admitted that certain high profile users would likely have authorities sniffing around soon. Meanwhile Silent Circle has not yet completely been shut down as its video, phone and text encryption systems are still up and running.

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