Script For The Tintin Sequel Finished

It is been a while since we have heard anything about the popular comic character project of all time, “The Adventure Of Tintin”. But it seems it has all ended as the franchise has taken a major step on updating the fans with the procedure and the happenings.

According to the Daily Mail, novelist and screenwriter Antony Horowtiz provided an update on the his work on the Tintin sequel, titled “The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners Of The Sun.” “I’ve just finished writing the new Tintin film for Steven Spielberg.”

And with Peter Jackson still busy with his Middle Earth film, “The Hobbit: There And Back Again” it seems it is way off for now. But last December it was spotted that Jackson went on air saying”It was held up by ‘The Hobbit’ but we have every intention of doing another ‘Tintin’ movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these ‘Hobbit’ movies.”
So, let us keep our fingers crossed and hope the project gets shape soon.

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