Scott Cooper In ‘ The Stand ’ And Ben Affleck Out Of “ Tell No One ”

With the internet filled with news about Ben Affleck playing Batman in “Superman Vs Batman” also called Man of Steel 2. Batman fans are appalled and very surprised with the news filling the internet. The actor/writer/director is presently considering his other directorial projects and would choose accordingly. The shooting for the movie would definitely ensure that Affleck would be very busy for a major part of 2014.

It seems like Affleck is no longer a part of the remake of “ Tell No One ”- A French thriller. All we know is that Chris Terrio, the ‘Argo’ writer would be the scriptwriter of this one. Producer Kathleen Kennedy is involved has been a part of the project since its inception. As much as the team would want her to be present during the production of the movie entirely, she is likely to be very busy as there are a deluge of “Star Wars” movies on their way.

In related news, the adaptation of ‘The Stand’, an epic by Stephen King is now on a mild turmoil. Ben Affleck was expected to direct the movie, after David Yates had stepped out of this project. Presently, it is Scott Cooper, the filmmaker of “Out of The Furnace” and “Crazy heart”, who is going to direct it. Although David Kajganich was brought in to pen the script, Cooper would be the one telling us the story of a group of people, survivors actually. They come across all sorts of eccentricity after a virus kills almost 99% of the entire population of the world.

The project is considered to be an important one and it is billed to the first priority to the actors and the crew. We need to see how quick the film develops.

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