Save Yourself From Junk And Spam

Tired of Junk and Spam emails? MailDrop is a service that creates temporary mail accounts, in-case of providing your mail-id to some untrustworthy (in your opinion) websites that could hack your account.

One of the best parts- the mail in your inbox never expires. Most other services similar to MailDrop set a time limit of sorts on the inbox, or make you pay to keep the account. Since MailDrop is persistent, you can keep using the address any time you’re worried about giving out your real one.

Some Restrictions:

  • 10 mails at Max
  • Aaccount gets expired if it doesn’t get a mail in 24 hours
  • 100 KB per mail at MailDrop, this could strip off all your attachments
  • Your profile is visible to the public

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