Samurai Warriors’ Latest Title To Release In Western Countries Later This Year

Samurai Warriors’ latest title looks likely to release in English later this year. Tweeting back to a fan’s query on Twitter, producer Hisashi Koinuma somewhat confirmed an English localisation. He was less sure about the release window, saying “perhaps, next summer” – probably referring to northern summer 2014. The PlayStation 3 and Vita title will come to Japan in March. The western release was earlier not confirmed, but after Koinuma’s comment gave some people hope. Tecmo Koei is generally pretty smart when it comes to bringing its Warriors games west.

Samurai Warriors 4 boasts over 50 characters, and in a stimulating twist on the standard formula, will have 2 story modes, one leading Yukimura Sanada, the franchise’s poster child, and the other, his brother Nobuyuki Sanada, who fought for opposing factions.

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