Samsung Hears Galaxy S4 Storage Complaints, Plans To Free Up Space Through Software Optimization

Samsung became aware of the serious problems regarding storage on the Galaxy S4 after it was thoroughly chastised (indirectly) on BBC’s show, Watchdog. Now it plans to fix the problem through further software optimization.

It might reduce the memory footprint of the TouchWiz. Cnet UK was told by a Samsung spokesperson that the company “appreciate(s) this issue being raised.” It’s also “reviewing the possibility (of) securing more memory space through further software optimization.” They should, because the 16GB version offers about 9.5GB of free space. On the other hand, Google has revealed a new version of the Galaxy S4. This device will run stock Android Jelly Bean, and it’s fully unlocked with LTE support. It will be released for AT&T and T-Mobile. This model will also have 16GB storage and run $649 when it’s released. It’s also supposed to have quick alerts and system updates.

Press Release (Samsung)-

“As one of the most advanced smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses part of its internal memory to bring our customers its innovative and unique features. We appreciate this issue being raised and we will improve our communications. Also, we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimisation. Samsung is committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs as part of our innovation process.”

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