Samsung Galaxy S4 – First Look Leaked?

It was announced that the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 will be held at an event on March 14 in New York.

But the phone already has had a number of leaks, regarding it’s hardware information, and now there has been another reported leak with a number of photos of GT I9502 (rumored to be Samsung Galaxy 4) have surfaced on the internet. A Chinese forum has posted a number of images, which reveal a lot of things on the hardware front and the design. The poster, however claims to be a dual-SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for China Unicom.


Samsung is known for testing different designs for it’s devices to avoid the leak of it’s original design, and this device could be another prototype Samsung may have been testing.


According to specifications, the device runs Android 4.2.1 and has 1080p full HD, with a 1.8Ghz processor, 2 GB RAM and 13 MP camera which could well be the final specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4

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