Sales Of Tomb Raider Have Exceeded Four Million Units Worldwide

“The latest version of Tomb Raider, 2013 was received remarkably well,” wrote Gallagher. “Crystal and Square Enix have worked tirelessly as a team. They have assured the public that a modern and rejuvenated version of the franchise would live up to its previous versions. And, indeed, it has lived up to it. The sales of Tomb Raider have exceeded more than four million, worldwide.

Gallagher believes that the decisions taken by them would provide a new pathway for the team-both Crystal and Square Enix. The game has become the quickest selling game in the history of PC and PlayStation games. This particular installment has been widely appreciated by both critics and gamers, alike. Such a huge release in most of the countries has made Tomb Raider the most sought after game. The graphics and effects which the game provides is unparalleled.

Contrary to popular opinion, publisher Square Enix feels that the game is a flop, when it comes to its sales, although the statistics and numbers say otherwise. The game was praised for its “beautifully written cast of characters, extremely splendid production techniques, elegant visuals and surprisingly enjoyable warfare”. Apart from Tomb Raider, Gallagher feels Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause 2 as stupendous successes for his company. Both the games have received critical acclaim and collected a lot of revenue because they enjoy an active group of around half a million gamers.

Tomb Raider captures the interests and imagination of both die-hard gamers and causal gamers. The story begins with Lara Croft, being an amateur and gradually becoming a tough person who loves adventures. The good news for all Tomb Raider fans is that the sequel is currently being developed for next-gen consoles.

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