Rumors About Sony & Viacom Deal

An unknown source has stated about Sony and Viacom’s contract in introducing a pay TV, which is internet based with Google and Microsoft in a place.

But another report says that Sony is in its mission to stream the on demand programs and cable channels in a rival to the traditional pay TV methods.

The Viacom is expected to launch its programs to PS devices as well as in the smart TV’s of Sony. In the future the service can be accessed in smart phones and tablets. The browsing feature, which Sony has in its TV is graphic interface and it is superior in the technology.

The treaty signed between them is still not yet confirmed and combining other companies for this deal may become real, if chances are there. There are reports about Sony discussing its plan with Walt Disney, CBS etc…

The sources will update about the deal and its news soon, once details regarding the same is received.

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